The McDonald’s Airplane in Taupō

This little McDonald’s in the town of Taupō in New Zealand, is – unbelievably -home to a decommissioned 1943 Douglas DC-3 airplane!

Tuck in to all your favourite McDonald’s staples in arguably the most unique setting for a McDonald’s on the planet. The 20-seater plane is impossible to miss, decorated in the company’s signature red, sitting politely outside the restaurant itself. You are welcome to eat inside this historic plane, in both the passenger seats and the cockpit, where you’ll find a detailed history of the plane and it’s pilots.

After functioning as a passenger plane for most of its life in the skies, it was decommissioned in 1984 and became a novelty in the parking lot of a local car dealership. When this dealership was bought by the McDonald’s corporation in 1990, the airplane was included in the purchase! It was given a McDonald’s makeover and voila, the McDonald’s plane was born!

Where can I find the McDonald’s Airplane?

It’s located in the city of Taupō. Travelling by car is recommended, as the driving route to Taupō is especially beautiful. It lies where the Thermal Explorer Highway and State Highway 1 meet - the main trunk line for travelling on land, connecting Wellington and Auckland.

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