The Millennium Forum Theatre in County Londonderry
The Millennium Forum Theatre in County Londonderry

The Millennium Forum Theatre in County Londonderry

The Millennium Forum is one of Ireland’s largest purpose-built theatres, conference centres, and event venues, located in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland’s second largest city! We can offer you a superb night’s entertainment in exquisite settings in the old walled city of Londonderry, with its gorgeous entrance and marble-floored Italian-style Piazza.

Why should I go to The Millennium Forum Theatre in County Londonderry?

Explore a wide variety of different shows such as Sleeping Beauty, disco's and much more! Book out a venue and enjoy your own organised party; Or how about your own creative play? The choice is yours.

For your business needs, the Millennium Forum is the ideal conference facility. It is the largest conference site in the North West, located in the heart of Northern Ireland’s mediaeval walled city. Whether you’re planning a huge conference, a banquet or supper dance, a presentation, or a sporting event, the Millennium Forum can offer you with the best service.

You can also watch the exclusive shows in the Millenium Forum from other creators! Including:

Sleeping Beauty

It’s Pantomime time again – Oh Yes It Is! – with William Caulfield as Nanny in SLEEPING BEAUTY at the Millennium Forum. This fantastic variation on the old tale, presented by the famed Millennium Forum Productions, is full of fun, frolics, and laughs.


Energy of Light Disco

Come to the Energy of Light Disco, a monthly disco for individuals with restricted physical, sensory, and/or learning abilities. DJ Oliver will have you dancing to a wide variety of music, including pop, country, and the latest dance songs. So come along, listen to the music, dance, and have a good time! Parents and caregivers are free!


  • Price starts at £28.50
  • Venues can be booked online or on site
  • Can book for a maximum of 4 people

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