The Natural Flames Experience in Tasman

If you want the ultimate adventure, then head to The Natural Flames Experience. You will start by driving in a 4WD vehicle then walk around the best areas in New Zealand to see sheep and deer up close. If you want a relaxing stay, then this is the place to be. You can stay at the Murchison Lodge and enjoy listening to the interesting stories.

Where can I enjoy viewing nature in New Zealand with my family?

At The Natural Flames Experience you will have an amazing experience enjoying nature will walking through rich beeches and viewing ancient birds and even learn about them while you walk.

Head to the Farm and see what its like from inside the fences and know how this industry stared and developed over the years. There will always be something that will grab your interest, depending yon the season you will see fawns or stags battling or maybe even Lambs. After the farm visit, you can head to the Forest area walking through Beech Forest and see the Black and furry trees. If you are lucky, you will see the wild deer and goats eating away at the grass. Walk a bit farther to the fairy tale forest when Lord od the rings was filmed and see up close the ancient mosses and primeval ferns.


  • Prices start from $58.50.
  • Relax at the Murchison lodge and learn about old stories of these adventures!
  • Head to the Forest area and walk through Beach Forest and see the Black and furry trees!


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