The Queen’s House in Greenwich

Any trip to Greenwich should include a stop at the Queen’s House. Admire the House’s classical design, which is one of England’s most prominent structures. When you go through the doors, you’ll be greeted by the magnificent Great Hall. The remarkable marble floor of this precisely proportioned cube was set in 1635 and has a black-and-white geometric pattern.

Why go to the Queen's House?

The beautiful art, the iconic portraits the 'haunted' mystery. All collections of art and history that you won't experience anywhere else.

Richard Wright, the Turner Prize-winning artist, has created a stunning new art commission. See Elizabeth I’s Armada Portrait. Take a selfie with the Tulip Stairs, the world’s first geometric self-supporting spiral staircase. Pre-book a guided tour that will transport you back in time as you learn about the House’s and Greenwich’s history through the artwork on display. Visit the stunning Great Hall, the infamous Tulip Stairs, The Queen’s Presence Chamber, the iconic Armada Portrait of Elizabeth the 1st and the peculiar Mask of Youth.

In 1966 a retired Canadian reverend and his wife visited the Queen’s House. The Rev and Mrs R W Hardy had heard about the famous Tulip staircase and took a photograph. It was not until they developed it once they were back home, that they saw it had also captured the image of a shrouded figure. On closer inspection, the figure appears to be ascending the stairs in pursuit of a second and possibly a third figure.

The Rev and Mrs R W Hardy were adamant that the stairway was clear when they took the photograph, and a thorough investigation not long after it was taken could not give a definitive, rational explanation for what the picture shows. As the Rev Hardy said in a later letter, the mystery remained as deep as ever.

They didn’t realise it had taken the image of a cloaked man until they developed it after they got home. On closer observation, the figure looks to be pursuing a second and maybe a third person up the steps.

Whether or not it is true, you can visit the Queen’s House for exclusive source material, and devise your own conclusion.


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