The Realm VR in Edinburgh

Ready up player one! Experience a video game experience like no other load into a world of imagination, using the very latest in Virtual Reality and computing technology The Realm VR takes you on a journey, that will simply blow your mind. With 2 years of research, complete with customized and bespoke designs. Realm VR offers you a unique Virtual Reality adventure like no other company. there are over 40 classic VR games to play from, Rick and Morty VR, google earth VR, star wars lightsaber battle, vacation simulator, job simulator and so much more!

What gaming activities can I take part in Edinburgh?

Load into a world of gaming with realm VR, located just 15 minutes from Waverly station.
This one is for the race fans out there, choose from over 100 realistic cars and tracks, and with up to 3 friends, race each other in breathtaking detail at speeds over 200 miles an hour, with Realm VR’s state-of-the-art “5D” commercial level racing simulators. Boasting full haptic motion platforms and race steering wheels/pedals. While powerful wind simulators blast you the faster you go. Race on your own, or with 2 friends, or simply just go demolition derby on each other!
Only the best technology and software are used each gamer is equipped with an Elite level Virtual Reality Headset, with customized upgrades, including full wireless technology, and enhanced lens upgrade, combined with state-of-the-art computer hardware, making this the best in VR technology available.  Full room outstanding field of view all displayed in stunning detail, featuring haptic feedback controllers, all to provide a truly unparalleled sense of Virtual Reality immersion.


With a huge variety of different genres to choose from such as racing, adventure, and shooters; there are so many ways of getting immersed! But how are they actually played?

  • With over 100 tracks and cars to choose from, the racing option offers complete control of your car with pedals, a steering wheel and hand brakes. each functioning as a real car so you have to make sure to use them all in tandem to have full control
  • Adventure and shooting games offer real-life aiming so make use of your precision to your advantage.
  • On top of that, the Haptic Suit offers real-life feedback on hits, rhythm or even touches, this will help secure the world and allow you to use your senses for any danger
  • Prices from £25 per machine
  • Over 3 simulators and headsets to play in
  • Over 200 games are available
  • Playstation VR, oculus rift, and the latest VR machines are used
  • Birthday party options and group event bundles are available

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