The Redwoods Treewalk and High Ropes in Rotarua

A great way to explore this gorgeous redwood forest and get a unique view on some of New Zealand’s nature is on the Redwoods Treewalk! The 700m long walk is suitable for anyone who can walk unaided and will give you a great perspective of the forest, redwood trees, and the iconic New Zealand silver ferns! The treewalk is also available to be done at night so give you an even more magical experience.

What's a great way to see the see a beautiful New Zealand redwood forest?

The Redwoods Treewalk is perfect for getting a unique perspective and exploring the forest of 120 year old redwood trees!

Also on site is their Redwoods Altitude trip which is a 650m high ropes journey which is 7m higher than the classic treewalk! Along the loop there will be a guide who can share local knowledge, stories, and Maori legends to make sure you have a great time and are also safe and comfortable along your trip through the forest.

  • Opening times
    • 9 AM – 11.30 PM Mon – Fri, Sun / 12.30 AM (half past midnight) Sat
  • Treewalk Prices
    • Adult (16+ years):$35
    • Child (5-15 years):$20
    • Families (1 Adult & up to 3 children):$69
    • Families (2 Adults & up to 3 children):$99
    • Children under 5: Free
  • Altitude Prices
    • Individual (16+ years):  $99
    • Child (10+ years):  $99
    • Families (1 Adult & 2 Children):  $249
    • Families (2 Adults & 2 Children):  $299
  • Treewalk takes around 40 mins
  • Altitude takes around 2 hours

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