Calling all art lovers! Do you want to support local artists in their struggle to gain recognition and income? If so, come on down to the Scottish Design Exchange in Glasgow. The organisation was set up to help provide space for over 300 of Scotland’s artists to showcase their work, and hopefully sell them. The products on sale at their shop include Pottery, Jewellery, Prints and Original art.

Where can I find the Scottish Design Exchange?

The facility is located in Buchanan Galleries Shopping Centre, which is located in Glasgow City Centre. This area is serviced heavily by bus and rail routes and is only a few minutes walks from Queen Street Station.

Their facility works by, each artist paying a small rent-like fee, towards their space in the shop, with the vast majority of sales going straight back to the artists. This has caught the eye of many artists across the UK and may help to establish the Scottish Design Exchange as an important business throughout the country. They also have an online shop, where visitors can purchase and browse their extensive collections. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and experience a unique day out, and even get some fascinating gifts in the run-up to Christmas!

  • Eco-Friendly Gifts.
  • Woodworks and Candles.
  • Central location.

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