The Sky Lagoon near Reykjavik

If you’re looking for an authentic, luxurious Icelandic spa then look no further than the Sky Lagoon. A geothermally heated spa that will have you feeling relaxed and inspired by its facilities and natural beauty. Peer over the edge of the lagoon and see the Atlantic Ocean stretching out ahead of you.

Where is the Sky Lagoon?

Sky Lagoon is only a few minutes south from downtown Reykjavik in Kópavogur and is an oceanside natural oasis!

If you get the premium package you can take part in the 7 part Ritual to enhance your relaxation. This will include plunge pools and saunas and more to get an authentic Icelandic experience. If you’re really lucky the Northern Lights may make an appearance and you can enjoy it from the comfort of a spa. This is the perfect place for a quick city getaway when in Reykjavik to relax and have some peace and quiet.

  • Lite Pass (No Ritual) – 6,990 ISK
  • Pure Pass (Ritual) – 9,990 ISK
  • Sky Pass (Ritual and more) – 13,900 ISK
  • Check online for dates and times

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