The Smallest House in Britain

The Smallest House in Great Britain is a one-up, one-down cottage measuring 72 inches across, 122 inches high and 120 inches deep – it’s no wonder it’s a Guinness World Record holder! Built as an infill between two rows of cottages, it has been home to many inhabitants over the years (a painter, a fisherman, a master mariner), although in May 1900 it was condemned due to it being deemed unfit for human habitation. The last tenant was – believe it or not – a 6′ 3″ fisherman called Robert Jones. The house is well-beloved in the town of Conwy, so much so that the owner at the time (also called Robert Jones) toured the country with the editor of the local newspaper, going round and measuring every other small house to confirm that it was in fact the smallest house in the country! Amazingly, The Smallest House still belongs to Robert Jones’ family and is currently owned by his great-granddaughter. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

Where can I find the smallest house in the UK?

It sits on the coast of the River Conwy in the town of Conwy.
  • Monday to Saturday: 10am-4pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 3pm
  • Adult Ticket: £1.50
  • Children (under 16) Ticket: £1

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