The Smoke Pit’s “Big Nasty” Burger Challenge

Ranked one of the most hardest food challenges in England, The Smoke Pit’s “Big Nasty” Burger Challenge contains a mouth-watering 1 kg of patty topped with loads of pulled pork, cheese, and fried pulled chicken pieces. There are no sides included and the whole thing with the bun weighs 8.36 lbs or 3.8 kg. Wow!! Everything must be finished in one sitting to win the challenge.

Are there any food challenges I can do in Northampton ?

Attempt one of England's most feared burgers down at The Smoke Pit in Northampton!

If you conquer The Smoke Pit’s “Big Nasty” Burger Challenge, you will be rewarded with a free meal at the Smoke Pit, an exclusive hat and t-shirt, and a place on the wall of fame, will you complete this devil of a dish?

  • Price: £32.50
  • Weight: 8.36lbs/3.8kg
  • Time Limit: One Sitting
  • Type: Burger


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