See these iconic landmarks carved into the hillsides. The chalky landscape of Wiltshire is renowned for its White Horses and other chalk carvings. Originally, it was thought that there were thirteen White Horses across Wiltshire and eight can still be seen today, with the oldest at Westbury dating from 1778.

Where can I book a day out to see the White horses of Wiltshire?

Come down to the Wiltshire White Horses and view these magnificant creatures in all their glory over iconic landscapes!

Due to their predominantly rural settings, there are enjoyable walks that can be taken around most of the White Horses. The White Horse Trail takes you on a 90-mile route around the Wiltshire countryside to see all eight of the horses. You can either do it over six or seven days, or as a series of shorter walks. There are at least twenty-four of these hill figures in Britain, with thirteen of them in Wiltshire and another white horse, the oldest of them all, just across the border in Oxfordshire. The majority of the white horses are chalk hill carvings, and the central Wiltshire chalk downs are a suitable location for such beautiful creatures.

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  • Thirteen of these hills located in Wilshire
  • Over 250 years of history at these iconic attractions

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