The World’s First Beluga Whale Sanctuary

This is somewhere truly unique and a perfect addition to a summer trip to Iceland. As the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary it isn’t something you can find on every holiday. They have two residents called Little White and Little Grey who have travelled around the world and you can learn all about their story in the centre. In the summer you can book a guided boat tour around their Klettsvik Bay and see the two lovely whales for yourself!

Where can I see Iceland's ocean life?

The visitor's centre has a local species aquarium and in the summer you can go out and visit the Belugas in their lovely bay sanctuary!

Also in the visitors centre is a local sea life aquarium, lots of information on the whales and Iceland’s only puffin rescue centre! The centre is on an island to the south of Iceland so you need to get a ferry across from the mainland.

  • Only open on selected dates and hours so check online beforehand.
  • Summer seasonal Visitor Centre Hours are Monday- Saturday 10:00 to 16:00 and Sunday 13:00 to 16:00.
  • The Bay trips are 30 mins and subject to weather and need booking.
  • Tickets for Visitor Centre are 3050 ISK per adult
  • Check online for bay trip prices

Some Beluga Whale Facts

  • Beluga whales are very sociable animals and love to travel in large groups when they migrate and do most of their activities in pods.
  • Belugas migrate with the seasons and so swim thousands of miles of year. They even swim up rivers sometimes to feed!
  • The large bulbous lump on the top of the beluga’s head is believed to be used for echolocation!

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