Are you looking for many hours of fun? Then look no further than Oakwood theme park, this theme park is full of awesome rides and family fun adventures, so strap in and be ready to be blown away by some of the amazing roller coaster’s on offer. The UK’s most popular wooden roller coaster is just one of many thrills you will get when in the theme park, the wooden roller coaster name is the megafobia, be sure not to bypass the chance to ride on this wonderful speedy ride. Along with the Megafobia there is many more awesome roller coasters and other fun amusements inside the theme park that will blow your mind.


Where can i find a theme park in Wales?

You will find no bigger and most definitely no better theme park in Wales than the Oakwood Theme Park, based in South Wales this theme park promises to be nothing but fun for the family.


The theme park is based in the heart of Pembrokeshire in the South of Wales, if you are feeling brave be sure to ride the “drenched” amusement as it takes you over 100 feet in the air giving you a stunning view of theme park, but don’t be tricked as you will only be in the air for a few seconds before plunging down into the water below at high speeds. The theme park also holds special events all year round so be sure to check the website for when these are on offer.

  • Prices from £15 per person for a single visit
  • Discounts available for groups of over 15 people
  • Opening times from 1030am to 8pm depending on day of the week
  • It is recommended that children under 13 years old are accompanied by an adult

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