Problem-solving is one of the best ways to get your brain working with a team beside you, the best thing about escape rooms is no two rooms are the same and you will come across the hardest challenges in every room you enter. Time race escape rooms are advised for the ages 12+ but adults must be advised that some rooms have added scare effects added to make it a more realistic feeling when completing. Each room you partake in will have a time limit of 60 minutes to complete, the escape rooms are open 365 days a year so be ensured that they will have any day you wish to attend just be cautious and prebook to secure the date.


Where can i find an escape room in Bury?

Time Race in bury are offering the most real-life escape rooms in the city, perfect for you and your friends to take on these challenging problems whilst up against the clock. If you are ready to test yourself then the time race is the place for you.


Escape room tips

  • Always be aware of the time on the clock so you don’t panic when it comes to the end
  • If you see something make sure your whole team hears you when informing them
  • Limit your time on working out each clue so you don’t waste too much of it
  • Do not destroy the room, try and keep it organised in case you miss anything that will be helpful in the future


Time race will have 4 different escape rooms to choose from, one of four rooms is the following “The Invitation” in this escape room you will be given a red-letter which you must decide if you want to open it or not, you will then find clues as to what happened to the professor Curtis Lockwood who was a hero to you for years. The 3 other rooms are also full of problems and each has its very own storyline to it, if you think you and your friends are good enough then do not wait any longer to get booked in.


  • Each room will cost 20 pounds per player
  • Booking in advance is advised
  • Each room will have a 60-minute timer

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