Titanic Experience in County Cork

Visit Cobh town and join this immersive experience and live life aboard the Titanic to learn what the conditions were like for many of the passengers. Cobh was the final departure point of the Titanic and during this guided tour you will travel back in time to live everything like it was, from the living quarters to the terror of the sinking ship. The whole journey is brought to life through a unique cinematographic experience.

Where can I learn about the Titanic in County Cork?

Immerse yourself into the past at the Titanic Experience Cobh, the final departure point before the famous ship tragically sank.

You begin your trip by checking-in and receiving your boarding pass with the details of one of the 123 passengers that departed from Cobh. After the guided tour, roughly 30 minutes, you can explore the exhibition area which is full of interactive displays and audio-visual presentations. Learn all about the events that led to the tragedy and the outcomes of the British and US investigations, as well as the discovery of the wreckage. At the end of your experience you will find out if your passenger survived the event, as well as all the other passengers from Cobh. This powerful experience is certainly one you should not pass up, so add the Titanic Experience Cobh to your Stack today!

  • Adult | € 11.00
  • Child | € 7.50
  • Student/Senior | € 9.50
  • Monday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:30

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