Stunning Tours of Iceland

Do you want to know where all the natural wonders, secret springs and waterfalls are in Iceland because if you do should take a tour with Maayan and Naimrod? They have been living in Iceland for years and have all the information you need to know about volcanos and what can be discovered in Iceland! As part of the experience you will receive a planned log that will include everything a traveller needs to know before starting in Iceland.

Why should I take a tour from Tour Iceland?

Besides the physical tour with people who have lived in Iceland for years you will also receive essential information on; natural areas, where to stay, and local restaurants and bars as part of the log. It will also tell you the correct equipment and clothes for your days without the tours.

One of Iceland’s most popular activities is walking up its erupting volcano and because there are multiple ways of walking up it will be really handy to go with Maayan and Naimrpd as they can help you assess the volcano’s conditions to tell you the best and safest hike to take up. As part of the tour, you are also able to rent Snowmobiles as long as you are aged 8 and over and the bikes reach a peak speed of 40 KM/H so you can zip around the mountains high up. If you love exploring and trying something new then this has to be on your funstacker list!

  • Tour guides are a couple that has lived in Iceland for years
  • You are able to walk up an exploding volcano as well as see other natural landmarks
  • Trips can last from a week to 2 weeks.
  • Costs vary depending on the duration of the trip

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