Tours of Skellig Michael in County Kerry

Discover the wonders of the Skellig Islands with Casey’s Skellig Islands Tours! 12km off the coast of Ireland, you will travel by boat from Portmagee in South West Kerry. As you reach the the Island, you will see the sharp rock rising out of the sea reaching a height of 218 metres. Skellig Michael, also known as Great Skellig, is home to a beautifully preserved 6th century monastic settlement which featured in the recent Star Wars films!

Where can I tour the Skellig Islands?

See the incredible wildlife that lives on the rocky landscape of the Skellig Islands and climb the 618 steps to the monastery with Casey's Skellig Islands Tours!

With Casey’s Tours, you can choose from an eco tour where you can travel around the coast of Skellig Michael and Little Skelligs Nature reserve giving you the opportunity to get up close to the islands to spot wildlife and see the sights from the sea. Or you can take the Skellig Landing Tour which allows you to step onto the island and climb the 618 steps up to the monastery, which was inhabited between the 6th and 12th century. Learn all about life on the island and the monks who lived there. This is an incredible experience perfect for people of all ages! Add a trip to Skellig Michael to your Stack today!

  • Eco Tour | Adults | € 40
  • Eco Tour | Students/Seniors | € 35
  • Eco Tour | Children | € 30
  • Landing Tour | € 120 per person
  • Children under 12 not permitted on the Landing Tour

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