A visit to the Tower of London is a hoot and not just because of the caw of famous ravens.  The Yeoman Warders, dressed in full uniform, help make this an unforgettable visitor experience, with a humorous approach to nearly a thousand years of ‘horrible history’. Combined with viewing the spectacular Crown Jewels, the Armory, William the Conquer’s Chapel, and the Fortifications; the Tower of London is a must-see attraction, especially for families. Yeoman Warders, also known as ‘Beefeaters’, entertain with tales of intrigue, imprisonment, execution, torture and much more…

When was the Tower of London built?

It was built as a royal palace and a defence system by William the Conqueror between 1066 and 1087.

Who was the first person to escape the Tower?
On charges of embezzlement, Ranulf Flambard was the first person to escape from the Tower. William de Mandeville was suggested to have allowed the bishop to escape on 3 February 1101. A popular legend has the bishop descending from the window of his cell by a rope which mates had smuggled to him in a flagon of wine. Ranulf gave the wine to his guards, and after they were drunk and asleep, climbed down the rope to escape.

How many ravens are kept at the Tower?
At least 6 ravens are kept at the Tower at all times, for superstitious reasons. The flock of resident ravens even includes a ‘spare’!

Who was in charge of the Royal Mint?
In 1695, The Royal Mint discovered that a large number of the UK’s circulating coins were fake. In fact, 10% of England’s coinage was known to be phoney. Unable to keep up with the increasing intelligent counterfeiting methods they turned to England’s ‘brightest mind’ for help. Sir Isaac Newton was appointed warden of The Royal Mint, with the sole purpose of enforcing laws against counterfeiting.

For families visiting London for the first time, the Tower of London, with lots to see, is well worth adding to your Stack!

  • Members: Free
  • Adult: £29.90
  • Child: £14.90
  • Some stories may seem frightening or scary to young children
  • The Crown Jewels feature 23,578 gemstones
  • For 500 years the Royal Mint was located at the Tower of London
  • Was used as a prison until the 1950s – infamous inmates included the Kray twins
  • The Tower of London is situated near the famous Tower Bridge


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