Looking for a unique and fun way to explore the city of Christchurch? Well, hop on board an old fashioned style tram that will take you around the city and provide you with the opportunity to explore and sightsee.

Why go on a Christchurch tram ride?

To enjoy a special tour around Christchurch.

The tram right starts in the centre of Christchurch, along the ride you will get the chance to hop off and on whenever you want which gives you the freedom to explore each location of the seventeen tram stops. During the tram ride, the driver is there to answer all the questions you have as well as give you some history on the location. So if you are looking for an activity where you get to explore and get some history on the place you are in then this is definitely the activity for the stack!

  • Open every day from 9 am to 6 pm
  • Tram runs every 15 to 25 mins
  • The full duration is 50 minutes long
  • Children ride for free, Adults tickets are $30.

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