Trampoline Park in Edinburgh

Wanting to get the adrenaline pumping? Jump into the best trampolining experience there is. Ryze is a company that has gone and created a massive indoor trampoline centre built for all ages. Ryze has taken trampolining to the next level by creating a bunch of challenging activities to take part in and test your bouncing, climbing and flipping.

Where is Ryze Trampoline centre?

The Ryze Trampoline centre is located in Mayfield Industrial Estate.

The trampoline park has everything you need to enjoy a good bounce. with all of their floors being bouncy trampolines there is endless fun, they have giant foam pits that you can dive into. The park also has inflatable obstacle courses that you can try to get your way through, they also have the ninja section which is a difficult climbing and swinging challenge. At the park, they also have Xtreme dodgeball where you through balls at each other and hit opponents to win. The park is open to book for kids’ parties and is the perfect place to spend the day.

  • Prices range from £8 to £18 depending on time and duration
  • Family price for 1 hr £30
  • Pair of grip socks £2.50
  • Booking needs to be made in advanced

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