Ahoy their fellow stackers! Treasure hunt Brighton brings you a totally different and unique way to explore the coastal city. In this self-guided tour, you will solve cryptic clues, follow a treasure map and find hidden historical treasures. Brighton is full of quirky shops, bars and sites as well as some hidden gems so whether you’re a first time visitor to Brighton or lived here your whole life, you will see and learn things you never knew!

Why take part in the treasure hunt?

If you’re looking for something unusual and different to do with your friends and family this is the perfect way to explore Brighton in a fun and interactive way.

You will be sent a link to your phone where you will follow a treasure map and clues to reveal interesting facts about the city. As the hunts are self-guided you are able to go at your own pace, so you don’t need to worry about being in a crowded tour or sticking to a schedule- you can have a well-deserved pit stop for food and drinks whenever you fancy!

  • Prices from £9.99pp
  • Under 15s – FREE
  • Ages 8+

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