If you are looking for a fun way to explore Norwich then look no further – Treasure Trails has lots of fun trails to follow that will have you exploring Norwich in new and unexpected ways! These self-guided treasure hunts will make sightseeing that much more fun and make a great day out as a family. Work your way through the trail and find the clues that are placed around buildings, monuments and permanent features which will eventually lead you to the treasure at the end of the map.

Where can I find a treasure hunt to explore Norfolk?

Treasure trails have great circular loop trails that can result in real treasure with the chance to win £100 every month.

You can trek down the trail at your own pace but it’s estimated that each treasure trail should take you at least 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete depending on which fun treasure map you choose for your voyage. You will come across some of the hidden gems of Norwich as there is no better way to explore the city. Not only are their simple treasure hunts to choose from there is also a murder mystery themed treasure trail so there is definitely something for everyone whether you’re a solo explorer or bring a troop of family or friends.

  • Prices from £10 per person
  • Perfect for anyone from ages 6 to 106!
  • Activity duration of roughly 1 hour minimum
  • If you can solve the mystery you will be entered into a £100 draw
  • 22 miles outside of Norfolk

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