Treasure trails North Berwick

Are you looking for a fun day with the family and also getting a chance to explore a new location in a unique way? Treasure maps are a company that has made it fun for all to explore the place they are visiting.

Why do the treasure trail?

To explore North Berwick in a fun and unique way.

They have a detective mystery-themed trail in North Berwick, this self-guided trail will take you around the town where you will need to solve sneaky clues set on the existing buildings, permanent features and monuments.

The trail is 1.75 miles long which will take you around 2 hours to complete, this is the perfect amount of time to have a fun stroll around the town with friends and family and take in the sights. The trail can be completed by using a leaflet or can also be done by downloading the trail onto our phone.

Visitors will follow the trail and come back in one big circle so you will finish where you started. If you get all the correct answers on the trial you will be entered into the monthly prize draw and might have a chance of winning £100!

  • Price £9.99
  • Ages 6+
  • Distance 1.75 miles
  • Duration 2 hours

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