Trimontium Roman Museum in the Scottish Borders

Interested in learning about the History of the Romans in the Borders? The Trimontium museum in Melrose offers a great insight into what the town was like during Roman times! Whether you step into the doors of the newly renovated museum or decide to set foot on the site of an old Roman fort, the Trimontium Museum is a place for visitors of all ages to learn about the history of the area in a fun and exciting way.

Which museums should I visit in the Borders?

The Trimontium Museum is the best way to further your knowledge of the Romans and get a closer look at how they lived in your own neighbourhood!

When visiting the Trimontium Museum, there are several activities for you to take part in. The Museum has recently been renovated and has received a fresh breath of life to its exhibitions and displays.

Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, how about visiting the site of Trimontium Roman fort? This piece of now agricultural land on the outskirts of Newstead is bursting with secrets and clues of the Roman Citizens who used to reside there.

You can also take part in a guided walk of the Trimontium fort, which is led by experienced volunteers who will educate you and inform you about various pieces of history that are scattered along the route.

Whether you are looking for a nice walk in the fresh borders air, or a fun day out with the family, the Trimontium Museum offers a great experience to both tourists and locals who want to learn more about the area!

  • The guided walk covers 5 miles of moderate terrain (suitable footwear recommended)
  • Open 10.30AM – 5.00PM Daily
  • Tickets and prices available on the museum’s website
  • Memberships available

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