Try Curling in Alexandra

For a really unique experience why not give the sport of curling a go! The sport is the quintessential Otago winter sport and has been played there since the 1860s. The site has a state of the art indoor curling rink and also is available to play outside if preferred!

Where can I try curling?

If you've ever watched curling on the tele and fancied a go yourself then the Alexandra Ice Rink have you covered! With great introductory sessions why not give it a go!

They do taster and entry level sessions every weekend where you can give it a go! Your session starts off with a few videos giving you the basics and then its straight out onto the ice. It’s a great opportunity to try something new and they will happily host groups of all different sizes. They will also be able to host all ages but younger kids won’t be able to fully throw the heavy stones. Don’t worry though there is plenty of other parts of curling to take part in!

  • Prices
    • Adults $20.00 for two hours
    • High school students $10.00 for two hours
    • Primary school students $5.00 for two hours


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