Ulster Gliding Club in County Londonderry

Looking to learn how to fly a glider plane? The Ulster Gliding Centre, which was founded in 1930 and is located in lovely Bellarena on the banks of Lough Foyle, overlooking Donegal, is one of only two gliding centres on the island of Ireland. We are a gliding and aviation enthusiast club that is constantly welcoming new members and guests.

Where can i take flying lessons in County Londonderry?

Try out Ulster Gliding Club to fly above some of the North Coast's most stunning landscapes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with lots of landscapes to discover.

A team of instructors provides training on sophisticated two-seat gliders. The tandem seating in the instructional gliders implies that one seat is in front of the other, with the student pilot in the front and the instructor in the back. In both cockpits, all controls and instruments are available.

One of the Centre’s two-seat training gliders will transport you. Before you fly, your instructor will give you a thorough briefing on all elements of the flight. Your glider will then be brought to a standard release height of 2000′ with your instructor at the controls. After you’ve been released from the tow plane, your instructor will show you how to operate the controls and let you try them out for yourself. You can choose to sit back and enjoy the scenery and feelings if you like; the choice is yours.

The flight will last around 20 minutes, however timings are estimated and subject to change depending on weather conditions. Depending on the day, you may experience ridge lift, soar on thermals, fly in a “wave,” or simply float down from the aerotow release height.

  • Open on weekends
  • Prices start at £126
  • By becoming a member of the Ulster Gliding Centre, you gain access to:
  • Regular access to experienced instructors and centres gliders
  • Full access to the centre’s fleet
  • Unlimited use of the centre

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