Ultra-Realistic Flight Simulator in County Clare

Experience the thrill of the ultra-realistic flight simulator inside a real aircraft cockpit featuring many original Boeing parts and controls! At Atlantic Air Adventures, you can immersive yourself in this life-like experience and see the world through the eyes of an airline pilot. Enjoy the views from the ‘sky’ and take control as you take off and land! Step into the real cockpit of a scrapped Canadian Air 737 which logged over 72,000 landings over 30 years of service.

Where can I found unique aviation activities in County Clare?

At Atlantic Air Adventures, you can

The simulator instructors will take you through the flight to give you the a thrilling and incredibly immersive experience. Choose from a 30 minute landing challenge to 2 hour private charter with an engine failure on take off! Enjoy this unique activity with friends or family and see if you have what it takes to fly like a real pilot! And if that isn’t enough, the Shannon Aviation Museum is next door where you can get up close to some amazing aircraft and learn about the history of aviation in the region. So, if you want to try a totally unique experience with your time off, add Atlantic Air Adventures to your Stack today!

  • Landing Challenge | 30 minutes | € 75
  • City to City | 1 hour | € 150
  • Best of Both | 1.5 hours | € 220
  • Private Charter | 2 hours | € 290

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