Union Canal Tour in Broxburn

Welcome to The Bridge 19-40 Union Canal Society, one of the smallest and friendliest canal societies on the Scottish Lowland Canals.

Where can I find a canal boat trip to take in Scotland?

Volunteers help with a variety of duties, and you don't need any specific talents to participate; all you need is some spare time and a lot of passion.

Keeping the canal and its surroundings in good condition

This might include pruning overhanging branches, clipping vegetation along the sides, eliminating impediments in the water, and collecting rubbish off the water and towpath.

Upkeep of the boats Roseann and Bluebell

Cleaning, painting, and more specialised duties such as carpentry and engine repair are just a few of the activities required in maintaining our vessels in good shape.

The boat’s crew

Each boat journey requires at least two people to assist guests in boarding, delivering safety statements, offering teas and coffees, and answering inquiries about the boat and canal. To become a part of the crew, training will be provided.

The boat’s captain

Each boat excursion requires a driver and a co-driver, thus we are always on the lookout for fresh drivers. Additional drivers will enable them to do more tours and private charters, allowing more people to enjoy the boat and canal experience. Before you are permitted to drive with passengers, all of our drivers must complete a training course and receive a Certificate.

Volunteers on the Canal

Union Canal requires volunteers to man our canal-side tent, where we sell tickets and are available to interact with members of the public, on days when we run our boat tours.

Assisting with the society’s administration and promotion

These activities might include assisting at canal festivals and other events, as well as helping to advertise the organisation.

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