View Bone Art at the Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery

The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery is a private museum of bones, bone art, ethnographic artifacts, and assorted curios in Dunedin, New Zealand. Created by mural artist and sculptor Bruce Mahalski, in his Royal Terrace residence, it opened to the public in March 2018. Spread over three rooms of an old central city villa, the museum contains a collection of skulls, bones, biological curiosities, ethnological art and unusual cultural artifacts which the artist and curator  has collected over a life-time. There is also a gallery featuring the artist’s trademark textural bone sculptures and paintings of animals on canvas.  The Museum stocks a small collection of books and t-shirts as well as art and sculptures for sale.

What sorts of exhibits are there?

Described as "David Lynch meets David Attenborough", the museum exhibits "biological curiosities, ethnological art and unusual cultural artefacts". Some of the exhibits are memorials to people, including Mahalski's father, physician E. R. Nye. They include the bones of many different species of animal (including humans), 200 skulls, pinned butterfly collections, vintage books (especially medical texts), and ephemera. On display is a hippo skull, and a giraffe skull sourced from a game park after the animal was culled (no animals were killed for the purposes of exhibition).

​Everyone is welcome but please be aware that the museum is part of a private house and entry is strictly at the discretion of the owner. The museum is suitable for children but people under the age of 18 might not be admitted unless they are accompanied by an adult. Parents are advised to maintain watchful vigilance over their children and any breakages will have to be paid for before leaving. No-one obviously under the influence of alcohol will be admitted.  Dogs are OK if on a lead. Please note that security cameras are in operation at all times.

  • Friday – 12:00 to 5:00
  • Saturday – 10:00 to 5:00
  • Sunday – 10:00 to 5:00


  • Adults (16 years and over) – $10
  • Family groups (Two adults and up to 3 children aged under 16) – $20
  • Students – $5
  • People aged 6 to 16 – $5
  • Under 6 – FREE!

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