Virtual Reality Experience in Leeds

Try something revolutionary with your time off! Head over to VR simulators Leeds to get an experience like no other and try motor racing in a safe, controlled environment. Come along with your friends or go solo and compete against others to see if your driving skills are good enough to win. At VR simulators, you will get a complete 5D immersive experience. With the full 3D effects of virtual reality combined with things like motion simulators to give you the feeling that you’re really driving and wind generation to enhance the feel of a speeding car – this is truly gaming at its best!

Where can I go to get a VR experience in Leeds?

Ready, set, GO... to VR Simulators Leeds, and immersive yourself into a car race with state-of-the-art 5D technology!

Go for a single sprint, which is a 20-minute race with up to 26 people, or try a double sprint if you think that just one go isn’t enough! You can even enter into a midweek or weekend Grand Prix, which consists of a practice race, qualifiers and a final! Step into the future of gaming and add this totally unique activity to your Stack now!

  • Single sprint | £15 | 1 race – 20 minutes
  • Double sprint | £27.50 | 2 races – 40 minutes
  • Midweek Grand Prix | £35 | 3 races – 45 minutes
  • Weekend Grand Prix | £37.50 | 3 races – 45 minutes
  • Sunday – Friday | 11:30 – 21:00
  • Saturday | 10:00 – 22:00

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