Visit Castle Dracula in Dublin

Have a heart beating Tour of Castle Dracula, meeting the incredible Dracula Characters and then an opportunity to visit the only ‘Bram Stoker Dracula Vampire Museum’ in the World! Followed by a Hilarious Vampire Show in the ‘World’s only Graveyard Theatre! Don’t Miss this Unique Irish Attraction… Castle Dracula is a really Fun experience like nothing else on the Planet. This is your opportunity to enjoy the Amazing World of Bram Stoker and Dracula in Ireland!

What time is Castle Dracula?

The Castle Dracula attraction starts at 18:45 and lasts just over two hours, finishing at 21:00. Please arrive by 18:30, however you must book in advance.

Castle Dracula is Dublin’s most Exciting, Fun & Unique Irish Adult Attraction. Millions of Euro have been spent creating this incredible Irish Castle Dracula Attraction. Travel back in Time & Enjoy a Heart-thumping Visit to Castle Dracula, meeting the Weird and Wonderful Characters from the Story of Dracula and Learn about Irish writer Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula and was born beside Castle Dracula in Dublin. Brave Guests journey through the Dark Castle Tunnels, over Spinning Bridges to Lucy’s Courtyard, up to Dracula’s Lair and down to the Worlds only Graveyard Theatre for a Show where they promise not to bite, unless…

Tickets cost €25 and VIP tickets cost €50. VIP Tickets include:

  • VIP Seating
  • Exclusive Black ‘Castle Dracula, I Survived’ T-Shirt
  • Bram Stoker & the Irishness of Dracula Book
  • Dracula Book signed by Castle Dracula Cast
  • Castle Dracula Fun Blood Shot Glasses
  • Castle Dracula Blood Syringe Pens


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