Visit Dunedin Street Art in Otago

In a city which proudly boasts New Zealand’s first public Art Gallery and first Art Society, they are embracing their evolution. They sent ripples out into the international art world when they lured Belgium artist ROA to Dunedin to paint his unique tuatara in Bath St. The ripples widened when the UK’s Phlegm created a mythical creature with Kakapo-like features in an alley opposite Rialto and embraced Vogel Street’s watery history with his work showing a fish swallowing boats (including sailing ships and a waka). The stage was set: locals demanded more and street artists started to request invitations!

Can I have a reproduction of some of the art?

Unfortunately, this is not something they can provide. Artists are rightly sensitive to the use of their artworks for commercial purposes and they do not want to compromise their relationships with artists due to third-party use of their works for commercial purposes they do not approve of.

The potential for a unique, world-class street art trail in the Warehouse Precinct was revealing itself to both Dunedin Street Art fans and those keen on promoting and preserving the heritage buildings and areas such as the Warehouse Precinct. A group of enthusiastic volunteers has gathered together with the vision of inviting an exciting combination of world-famous artists at the top of their game and local artists keen to develop their skills in the public spotlight. The street art trail will define the essence of the Warehouse Precinct: creativity and diversity; showcasing Dunedin’s connections with the world; yesterday and today; and heritage-led regeneration. The works will be thought provoking and tie into the history, the future, the buildings, and the ecology of the warehouse precinct and Dunedin. Locals will feel proud of the area. The Warehouse Precinct and adjoining areas will become a desirable location to work and visit. The art will attract people to visit Dunedin and help them to really understand the city and its people.

The artworks are located at:

  • Bath Street
  • Burlington Street
  • Vogel Street
  • Water Street
  • Jetty Street
  • Wharf Street
  • Buller Street
  • Bond Street
  • Carroll Street
  • Princes Street
  • Stafford Street
  • Manse Street
  • Broadway Street
  • Rattray Street
  • Moray Place
  • St Andrew Street


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