Visit Eddie’s Diner in Cardiff – as featured in Doctor Who!

Wales, and especially Cardiff is known for it’s locations that feature in Doctor Who. This is because most of the filming for Doctor Who happens in Wales. From Alien planets, Sci-Fi structures and in this instance an American Diner! Eddie’s Diner featured in the first episode of season 6 of Doctor Who. When the gang and the Doctor are supposedly in a diner in Utah  they where actually in Eddies Diner in Cardiff.

Eddie’s Diner also features as Clara’s Tardis in season 10 of Doctor Who – this is because the BBC is known to reuse sets but also because the diner is just a very pretty looking diner and they probably wanted to use it again for that reason too.

Which famous Doctor Who film setting can you visit in Cardiff?

Head to Eddie's Diner for an authentic American diner experience and to visit the diner that featured in several Doctor Who episodes.

The Diner is able to also able to keep up the façade of being in America because it is just so quintessentially American looking. The Diner features many things from American pop culture from the door that has a painting of Elvis on it and the massive statue of Marilyn Monroe in the centre of the Diner. The Diner also features a massive tapestry of the American flag, Diner booths that look straight out of American movies and a huge statue of liberty in the back. Overall it is just a diner that looks like it should be in America but somehow has materialised in Wales of all places.

This all being said visiting this Diner is a must when you are in Cardiff. The Diner has brilliant food and friendly staff and the diner’s theming is on point. If you are a Doctor Who fan or just looking for a nice place to go for lunch Eddie’s Diner is definitely worth a visit.

  • Funky diner with a 1950s vibe serving burgers, hot dogs and American comfort food.
  • Takeaway and Dine-In options
  • Open 9am – 9pm

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