Visit ‘England’s Area 51’ – Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire

The United States of America is famous for its Area 51 in Nevada; a top-secret military air base which often finds itself at the centre of alien conspiracy theories. But did you know England has its own ‘Area 51’? Rudloe Manor, or RAF Box as it was formerly known, was once a Royal Air Force Station located to the north-east of Bath in Wiltshire. However, according to declassified secret files released by the National Archives, in the 1950s the site was the centre for UFO investigations in the UK.

What is on the site?

The base is made up of two main buildings; the beautiful manor house and a purpose built operations block. The manor looks lovely from the outside and is thought to have been used as accommodation for the officers. The block housed two operation rooms, but has deteriorated pretty badly since its closure.

Unfortunately, you cannot get inside the air base, as while it is no longer in use, it is still owned by the Ministry of Defence and is locked down. However, much like Area 51 in Nevada, UFO and alien enthusiasts might like to make the pilgrimage to this mysterious site. Do aliens exist. Have they visited us? For all we know, Rudloe Manor holds the answer to these questions. So, if you’re interested in UFOs, why not head down to Rudloe Manor and see if you can catch a glimpse of something paranormal?

  • Site is vacant, but locked down
  • No access to the building
  • Grade II Listed Building
  • Owned by the Ministry of Defence


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