Visit Flat Holm Island in Cardiff

Wales has some of the best-preserved nature and wildlife spots in England, as well as some of the most interesting historical spots – this island, 5 miles off the coast of Cardiff, combines those two features into one fascinating day out and an activity that everyone should be adding to their stack!

How do I get to Flat Holm Island?

Head down to the Celtic Ring in Cardiff Bay, where you'll spot Bay Island Voyage's blue RIB boats.

Flat Holm Island has a history dating back to as early as the 6th century, acting as a harbour for Saxons, Vikings, monks and even smugglers – some of its history is a paper Morse slips transmitting the first ever radio message across the water that made the island famous, is now in the National Museum of Wales. Its isolation means that wildlife thrives, being host to large numbers of seabird colonies and maritime grassland that breeds rare flora.

You can take trips to the island all year round. You can take a pre-organised day trip from Cardiff bay, usually lasting from 3 to 6 hours – you’ll admire the island’s fantastic views of the Welsh and English channels and tranquil atmosphere, and explore the beauty of its wildlands and artefacts. You can take a guided tour around the island, or if you just fancy a peaceful walk by yourself, you can purchase one of the self-guided tour packs. Finish off your visit to the island by taking something home from the gift shop to commemorate your visit, by choosing from a range of Fairtrade items and gifts. If you have larger groups, you can also arrange tailored visits and overnight stays can also be arranged for a true island experience.

  • Day visits to the island can be booked by calling Bay Island Voyages at 07393 470476 at £40 per ticket.
  • You will be charged a landing fee of £5.00 for adults and £2.50 for children.
  • Stays overnight will cost £19.00 per night for adults, and £16.00 for children.
  • If accommodation is fully booked and your camp, you will be charged £8.00 per night for adults and £7.00 for children.
  • Food is not provided.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the island.

*Note: The address provided is not the island itself, but the bay where tickets can be booked.*

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