Visit Hokonui Moonshine Museum in Gore

Celebrating the history of whiskey production during New Zealand’s era of prohibition. A trip to the Illicit Past… Gore’s colourful past as a centre for illicit whisky distilling and bootlegging is brought to life at the Hokonui Moonshine Museum. The adventures of the Scottish settlers and their exploits to avoid run-ins with the law are kept alive through dioramas, audio-visuals and artefacts. You can taste Old Hokonui made to the original recipe at the end of your visit, or even take a bottle home with you. Old Hokonui whisky, made to the original recipe, is among a range of merchandise available to buy online at GoreNZ shop.

Can you taste the original whiskey?

Yes, of course! Old Hokonui whiskey, still made to the original recipe, is among a range of merchandise available at the museum. There is also an opportunity to taste the whiskey at the end of your tour.

The Gore District’s colourful history of illicit whiskey making and consumption is celebrated in this unique museum, located in Gore’s heritage precinct. By recreating the scenes from old with static displays, audio, visuals and artefacts, the museum brings to life the characters and key events of the prohibition era that spawned the moonshine industry. Find out how adventurous many local moonshiners became in the face of police opposition, and how Kiwi ingenuity often foiled the Customs men.

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