Visit Jannetta’s Gelateria in St. Andrews

Jannettas in St Andrews in the premier place to eat delicious desserts but more specifically ice cream. On your visit to St Andrews make sure to visit this ice cream shop. It’s perfect to get a scoop or a cone on a hot day and bring it to the beach. The ice cream flavours on offer vary and you could go for your basic but brilliant flavours like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate. If your feeling more adventurous you could try wholly unique flavours like Scottish Tablet, Ferrero Rocher and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Where can we go to get ice cream in St Andrews?

Visit Jannetas Gelateria, a family run dessert shop focusing on ice cream in St Andrews

Jannettas has other delicious desserts on offer like Waffles and Pancakes that can also be topped with their homemade ice cream. If your in the mood for something healthier try their Sorbets! Try unique toppings on top of your ice cream like Marshmallows, Popping Candy and Smarties. If your in the mood for something strange try their white chocolate eggs that are filled with iced cream and then opened by pouring hot chocolate sauce on top.

  • Visit this historic ice cream store that has been open for over 100 years.
  • They offer savoury options if you want to visit here for lunch
  • Open 9am – 10pm

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