Visit Model Railway Village in West Cork

A fun day out in Clonakilty at West Cork Model Railway Village. A visit to the West Cork Model Railway Village is a treat for all ages. Ireland’s only Model Village in Clonakilty is a fully scaled handmade model of the historic West Cork Railway Line with fully working miniature trains and the towns that the railway served during the 1940s. Handcrafted model buildings and figurines tell the story of how people lived and worked in days gone by. Due to the fragile nature of the model buildings there is a constant maintenance programme running throughout the year. This means that at any given time certain models may be getting a repaint or repaired.

What are the opening times?

You’re in luck! The model railway is open every single day! It is open daily from 11:00 through to 17:00. In the summer, July and August, it has an extended opening from 10:00 through to 18:00.

All the models on display were built on site by the workers and are exact replicas of the originals as they appeared in the 1940’s. A lot of research and background work went into the making of the models. First the actual building was surveyed by architects and scaled drawings were produced for the model-makers to work from. To get an accurate picture of a building, its function and how it looked in the era 1930 to 1950 old photographs and historical literature were examined. The plans are then drawn up and the model makers craft a miniature of the buildings. The models are made from resin and fibreglass, which are hard wearing substances which can withstand the weathering of the elements when located outside. Intricate window facings and doors are produced from fibreglass and cast in moulds. These details are fitted into the structure and fibreglass roof is added. The finished product is painted and decorated exactly like it was in the 1940’s.

  • Adult – €9.00
  • Senior – €6.50
  • Student – €6.50
  • Child (Under 16 years old) – €5.50
  • Under 3 – FREE!
  • Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) – €25.00


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