Visit Nova Pizza in Edinburgh for delicious all vegan Italian food!

Visit Novapizza in Edinburgh! – The first Italian vegan restaurant in Edinburgh! The restaurant is run by a Roman family and they serve vegan versions of the most authentic Italian dishes.

Their vegan dishes are made only of extraordinary vegan ingredients. They also use local products as much as possible. Check out their selection of first courses, pasta and pizzas, and their wide range of gluten-free options.

Where can I find vegan Italian restaurants in Edinburgh?

Visit the vegan restaurant Nova Pizza in Edinburgh! It's just over a 15-minute walk from Waverley Station on Princess Street, walk through Queen Street Gardens and up Howe Street.
Eat vegan versions of different Italian classics like spaghetti carbonara and Bolognese. They also offer tasty garlic bread and amazing artisan vegan pizzas. They offer vegan desserts like vegan ice cream too!
Their restaurant has been open since 2015, making Novapizza the first meat-free Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Edinburgh. Their vegan pizza is made only in-house with their signature dough and years of experience in the Italian food scene.
  • In 2017 their restaurant received The Scottish Food Awards & Academy Vegetarian Gold Medal.
  • Nova Pizza serves Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • They are open 5 – 9.30 on weekdays and 12.30 – 9.30 on weekends

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