Looking to meet some members of the animal kingdom? Look no further! Pouakai Zoo is the perfect place to take your family and friends for a day out filled with excitement and some of your favourite animals! To begin your adventure at Pouakai, add the Zoo to your stack now!

Why should I visit Pouakai Zoo?

Pouakai Zoo is a favourite in Taranaki. The Zoo has been open for nearly four decades and has always been a place where children of the past can bring a new generation of children or even grandchildren to visit the zoo over and over again.

Pouakai Zoo prides itself on having the most beautiful big cat species on the West Coast of New Zealand! Aslan, the male lion at the Zoo) looks straight into your eyes and demands visitors’ respect. He is the king of the Zoo after all!

As well as lions and other big cats the Zoo is full of a variety of other fun animals! The gibbons at the zoo are often spotted singing to see which one has the higher-pitched voice. The two donkeys at the Zoo are the Zoo’s friendliest and best-behaved animals whereas the ostriches on the other hand will try and snatch food out of your hands at every chance they get!

All of the animals at Pouakai have their own individual personalities and are always very happy and welcoming to visitors! The Zoo is like an ark to these animals under the gorgeous Mount Taranaki where they can be protected and have their wellbeing kept at the highest possible level. Pouakai also works with other Zoos and the local community to help provide a balance between visitor interaction with the animals and sustainability!

  • Closed Monday and Tuesday except during public and school holidays
  • Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4.30 pm
  • Adult admission for $20
  • Child (5 to 14 years old) admission for $8
  • Pre-school (2 to 4 years old) admission for $8
  • Senior admission for $16
  • Family pass (2x adults and 2x children) for $56
  • Tiger encounter for $40 per person
  • Monkey encounter for $25 per person

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