Visit Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Attleborough

Are you a lover of animals? If so Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Attleborough would love you to come on down and connect with their beautiful donkeys, ponies and horses who they rescue from tough times and then ultimately rehome. If you would like you can help them out so that they can continue to operate this amazing life-saving operation! The people who work here absolutely love to look after their horses and they do a stellar job of it too. Just paying a visit to see these simply marvellous animals galloping around joyfully, who have done so much for humans, gives much-needed support to the people at the centre who keep this life-sustaining, safe haven for our four-legged companions running. You can have a nice time in their aptly named Gulliver’s Cafe, which also has a children’s play area and a gift shop.

How can I reach Redwings Horse Sanctuary?

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is not far from Norwich, just a short trip directly down the A140 in fact. Coming from the direction of Norwich, you should see it off to your left near Aylsham and Marsham. If you set your satnav for the postcode provided you will be taken directly there from wherever you are.
  • Gulliver’s Cafe, children’s play area, gift shop
  • Toilets as well for people who need special assistance provided
  • Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead
  • They are funded by the generous public but you can of course just come and see these wonderful animals

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