Visit Skomer Island – the Wildlife Paradise Island in Wales

Only less than a mile off the coast of the beautiful Pembrokeshire national park lies a remarkable island that is a must-do for any nature-lovers, wildlife admirers or anyone who wants to see some of the most special environments that Britain has to offer.

How can I get to Skomer Island?

Take the chartered boat from Martin’s Haven on the west coast of Pembrokeshire, departing between 10 am and 12 noon.

The island is famous for its Puffins that migrate to the island during the breeding season in June and July and is surrounded by a vast array of other exotic wildlife. It’s a bird paradise, where you can wonder at the razorbills and guillemots who nest in the thousands on the cliff edges. There’s no shortage of marine life either, where you can commonly see hundreds of seals lying on the North Haven beaches. Direct your eyes to the waters and you may also be able to see dolphins leaping out of the water. During the spring seasons, the island is littered with beautiful flora, with bluebells covering large areas of the island with shades of pink starting to cloak it in the summer. The island is also home to many mammals including the Skomer vole unique to the island, while there are rabbit burrows covering vast areas.

You can take a day trip to the island, lasting about 3 or 4 hours, or if you’re looking for a holiday, you can relax among the wildlife and unwind with a stay in Oak Tree Cottage. There’s no place quite like Skomer Island and is arguably the most picturesque place in Britain. Skomer island has something to offer for everyone, whether you’re looking for an island adventure or a relaxing getaway.

  • The car park at Martins Haven requires coins and does not accept cards. £6 for all day, and £3 for 3 hours.
  • The number of tickets is limited to 250 per day in order to adhere to wildlife protection rules.
  • The island is open to visitors from 1st April to 30th September.
  • The boat fare is £20, and you also need to pay £20 when landing. These prices are both reduced to £15 in August and September. You can book tickets with their online booking system.

*Note: the address listed is for the location of the boat that takes you to the island, not the island itself.

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