Visit Summerhall in Edinburgh

Visit Summerhall in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the UK’s capitals of culture, being home to a diverse range of cultures and histories that bring out the best of what the countries creative minds have to offer. Summerhall, a stone’s throw away from the main city centre area, is at the heart of this. If you’re looking to experience the interesting, wonderful or inspiring, then Summerhall is the perfect activity for your stack and a must-do for any visit to Edinburgh.

Where can I see live entertainment in Edinburgh?

A mile away from Waverley station in the city centre is Summerhall, an amazing venue that hosts films, music, art and all sorts of entertainment.

Summerhall has a fascinating 300 year history, starting as a brewery (with a distillery that still produces Scotland’s famous Pickering Gin!) and home to the Royal Dick School of Vetinary Studies. It has now been transformed into a multi-arts venue that hosts a full programme of visual and performing arts all year-round, as well as events, workshops, festivals (look out for Fringe Festival events during the summer) and has it’s own café and bar area lying in the centre, acting as a meeting space for all it’s creative minds or for friends and family to relax.

For cinema buffs, head to Summerhall cinema to see a new blockbuster, watch an old classic or an independent film in their small but charming screening area. Admirers of art can choose from a wide range of lovingly curated art exhibitions that are free to the public, hosting loved artists from near and far. Music lovers are treated to some of the best local music Edinburgh has to offer from their young emerging artists, as well as more established musicians – there’s something for everyone at Summerhall.

  • The reception is open from Monday to Sunday, 9am-6pm.
  • Times for exhibitions should be checked individually on the ‘what’s on’ section of their website.
  • The Gallery Bar is open 10am-6pm every day.
  • Summerhall is available for venue hire (no bookings are being taken for the remainder of 2021).
1 Summerhall
Phone: 0131 560 1580


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