Visit the Beautiful Lyall Bay, Featured in King Kong (2005)

Lyall Bay is one of Wellington’s most popular beaches. It is very accessible to all Wellington people and is on the main bus route. Surfers are the largest beach user at Lyall Bay and can be found there all year round if there is a swell running. The beach is generally safe for swimming during summer although cold. Swimmers should remain around the centre of the beach where conditions are safest and the Lifeguarding Service is provided.

Why might I recognise Lyall Bay?

Lyall Bay featured in 2005’s King King remake, doubling as Skull Island! The giant wall which separated Kong from the rest of the island, was built above the Massey Memorial near Shelly Bay. Skull Island was a key location in the original 1933 movie, and Jackson’s film follows the 1933 version faithfully, with a large portion of the film set on ''the island''.

Lyall Bay beach, which stretches for a kilometre and a half between Wellington airport and the hills of Houghton Valley, is one of Wellington’s most popular surf spots. Most mornings the water is speckled with wetsuited residents, waiting for a wave. Beginners can get started with help from Wellington Surf Lessons.

While you’re there, make sure you:

  • Get real fruit ice cream from Onepū
  • Go on a Parrotdog brewery tour
  • Watch planes and surfers from Spruce Goose
  • Have fish and chips by the beach
  • Go for coffee at Queen Sally’s
  • Visit Jane Blackmore Gallery and Studio
  • Go for brunch at Elements Café

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