Visit the Broad Haven Triangle – the Site of Alleged UFO Sightings in Pembrokeshire

Broad Haven is a small village with an attractive safe bathing beach of firm golden sand. It has been a popular seaside resort since the 1800s. The only evidence remaining of the coal industry is a large ‘Slash’ pond 200 yards inland from the beach which was formed in the 19th century by colliers digging for culm. The secluded and sheltered pond is now a haven for nature lovers. In the 1970s, the resort and the area around it was the scene of alleged UFO sightings and nicknamed the Broad Haven Triangle. At low tide it is possible to walk around the headland on the south side into a bay called The Settlands, and then around the next headland into Little Haven.

Is there a walking tour of the area?

A really picturesque and interesting trail which starts and finishes at Haverfordwest. On route you pass the lofty tower of Roch Castle before arriving at the attractive St Brides Bay Heritage Coast havens, once the centre of a thriving coal mining enterprise. Some old relics of this era are still visible for you to see. The coal measures, some of which are exposed in cliffs, have not been worked since 1905 and it is estimated that there is still a reserve of 230 million tons of unexploited anthracite buried under the sea just off the coast. The sandy beaches along the Trail are hemmed in by high cliffs and on route you get to see spectacular coastal views right out to the islands on the northern and southern ends of St Brides Bay.

One of the most famous sightings in this area took place in 1977, a whole class of pupils at a primary school claim to have spotted a UFO in field near their playground. The craft was described as a cigar-shape with a dome on one end. While not inspiring fear, the kids did have a strange desire to run away. The headmaster did not believe the children, so he separated them and asked them to draw what they had seen. They all came back with very similar drawings. If you’re interested in UFO sightings, then maybe head down to Broad Haven and go on the walking trail around the area; see if you can spot something for yourself!

The walking tour takes you all around the area. It will lead you to:

  • Roch Castle
  • Trefran Cliff Colliery
  • Nolton Haven
  • Druidston Haven
  • Broad Haven
  • Little Haven

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