Visit the Elephant Rocks from the Narnia Films

23-25 million years in the making – just for your enjoyment! The large hummocky rock formations that look a lot like Elephants were created after fossil-rich limestone deposited millions of years ago eroded, leaving behind an incredible boulder-field which towers above your head. The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail runs right past the rocks, so make sure you give yourself an extra half an hour to see the boulders up close.

Why might I recognise the Elephant Rocks?

The site of the Elephant Rocks in Otago New Zealand has been used to film the Aslan's Camp in the movie The Chronicle of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005).

Imagine hundreds of rock formations scattered on green pasture. Some are 1m tall, others reach 10m in height. They have been rounded and eroded by the elements. So they all have different shapes and you can let your imagination wander… Picture an eagle, a whale and more!

  • There is a parking bay opposite Elephant Rocks.
  • The rocks are on private land so visitors are asked to be respectful of all signage and roaming stock
  • Access is via a short 2-3 minute walk.

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