Visit the Famous Clonony Castle in Co Offaly

Attention all history lovers! Are you looking for something interesting to do on your next day off? If so, make sure you visit the famous Clonony Castle in Co Offaly, bang smack in the midlands of Ireland! This castle plays an important role throughout Irish history. Being established back in the 1490s, by the Coghlan Clan. Although, it was taken over by Henry the 8th of England, some years later.

Where can I visit a Castle in Ireland?

Thankfully, Ireland is full of castles, both those in ruin and some perfectly preserved. One of the best examples of this is Clonony Castle in Co Offaly.

The castle also plays a significant role in British history. When Henry grew tired of Ann Boleyn and her connections, he sent two of her ladies to the castle, where they spent the rest of their lives. Visitors can witness two tombstones for those ladies underneath a tree, in the castle bawn. Nowadays, the castle is preserved in such a way that celebrates its history, and visitors will be transported back in time upon their entry! So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your next day off and visit the famous Clonony Castle on your next day off!

  • Free admission.
  • Toilet facilities.
  • Open all year round.

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