Visit the Home of Beatrix Potter in the Lake District

Welcome to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s holiday home, sanctuary and studio. This cosy converted 17th century Lakeland farmhouse is filled with Beatrix’s belongings, and it inspired many of her famous stories. Book your ticket to guarantee entry. Beatrix Potter purchased Hill Top Farm in 1905, with the profits from her first illustrated books, including the Tale of Peter Rabbit. She extended the old farmhouse, and enjoyed furnishing it with well-chosen antiques. For Beatrix, Hill Top provided a refuge away from London, and became a place of independence and inspiration.

What are the opening times of Beatrix Potter's Home?

The house/museum is open from Monday to Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 to 16:00 each day. Unfortunately it is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

As soon as you step inside Hill Top, you’re surrounded by Beatrix Potter’s own belongings and items she carefully chose to leave here, bringing her personality to life in each room, cupboard and with each piece of furniture. Over the years Beatrix added touches of luxury to Hill Top – look out for the marble fireplaces and fine china. She also displayed personal items, including gifts from friends and family. The plates on the kitchen wall were painted by Beatrix’s father Rupert Potter, and her brother Bertram created the large paintings in the New Room. The Treasure Room at the top of the stairs includes a display of Beatrix’s most precious things, including miniature dolls’ house food she painted for The Tale of Two Bad Mice, and was a gift from her late fiancé Norman Warne.

  • Adult – £14.00
  • Child – £17.00
  • Family – £35.00


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