Visit the Irish Military Museum & Park in Meath

Get up close with memorabilia, deactivated weaponry, equipment and uniforms from the Napoleonic era to the Gulf War. Exhibited over more than 15,000 square feet of floor space, be captivated by original armoured carriers, allied and axis vehciles, guns, fatigues, artefacts and even iconic movie costumes, covering conflict as far back as the Napoleonic Wars through to the the American Civil War, 1916 Ireland, World War One and World War Two, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Through the extensive collection, learn how war and the military have shaped the development of modern science and technology. Did you know Napoleon imagined the concept for the very first ambulance? And that it was the military that developed the mobile phone? Find out what other innovations were developed through military means at the Irish Military Museum and Park.

What are the opening times?

The museum is open every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, and Bank Holidays from 10:00 to 17:00. Unfortunately, the museum is closed on weekdays.

British and German uniforms from World War One, US and German uniforms from World War Two, and uniforms from the 1916 Irish Volunteers, and the US military and Viet Cong in the Vietnam War are on display. There are props and costumes from movies such as Band of Brothers, Braveheart, A Bridge Too Far, and Game of Thrones. And to top it off, you can take a spin, and even learn to drive an FV432 APC armoured personnel carrier tank! The Irish Military Museum and Park is proud to host one of the most comprehensive wartime collections in Europe. Spend hours at the museum or bring along a picnic and spend the whole day. Throughout the summer we take advantage of the long evenings and host outdoor live music alongside other exciting events such as special exhibitions and our Living History Weekends featuring historical re-enactments from various wartime periods. Keep an eye on our social media page for event updates. Whether you are looking for an exciting family day out, educational school tour, adult group visit or some action-packed outdoor fun for your child’s next birthday party, the Irish Military Museum and Park has something for everyone!

  • Adults – €10.00
  • Under 16’s – €8.00
  • Students – €8.00
  • Families – €25.00
  • Over 65’s – €10.00
  • Tank Driving Lessons €150.00
  • Tank Spin (up to 10 passengers) – €50.00

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