Visit the Lodge Pop-Up Cinema in Waikato

The main meeting room in the Lodge has been transformed into Waikaia’s very own pop up cinema. All the history and character within the Lodge creates a very unique vibe. To add to the experience, we have an eclectic mix of seating including 2 and 3-seater couches, lazyboy recliners and the odd bean bag. The movies that they show will be selected from films festivals, documentaries, foreign language films and some old classics. It’s a hard list to get on, films are the cream of the crop and recommendations are always welcomed!

Where is the cinema located?

Waikaia, formerly known as Switzers, is a Southland township nestled at the foothills of the Garvie mountains and Old Man Range just 15km north of Riversdale. A destination town with a heart of gold and its second cinema in the last 50 years!

The Masonic Lodge Rooms were built in the early 1930’s and in true masonic tradition the building has stood the test of time and is now one of the older buildings that still stands proud in the middle of the Waikaia township. The Switzers Freemasons still hold monthly general meetings in the lodge rooms but have generously given the building over to host cinema viewing nights, once or twice a month.

  • Door sales on the night only if available
  • It’s a small venue so to secure your seats book online
  • Tickets cost $15
  • Only holds up to 30 people
  • Runs once or twice a month


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